[102939] trunk/dports/graphics

Michael Dickens michaelld at macports.org
Wed Feb 13 05:36:17 PST 2013

True.  And, I take it that the "MacPorts powers that be" would prefer if
ports used one style or the other, but not mixing an matching, yes? 
That's OK; I think it's pretty easy to change the install location of
these ports, and also to specify which to use in any dependent port
(and, I believe, there are not very many dependent ports).  Should take
a few days for me to deal with this and test it well enough. - MLD

On Feb 12, 2013, at 11:34 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org>
> When there are multiple versions of a port, we have two possible naming conventions.
> One is to have two ports: foo and foo-devel, with foo being stable and foo-devel being development or experimental. foo and foo-devel conflict with one another. Ports that declare dependencies on these ports do so in a way that either could satisfy it. (c.f. graphviz{,-devel}, pango{,-devel}, glib2{,-devel}, cairo{,-devel}, libpixman{,-devel}).
> The other is to have two or more ports fooXY, where XY is a part of the version number. The latest of these might not be stable yet, but will be in the fullness of time (c.f. php55, llvm-3.3, clang-3.3). The ports do not conflict with one another. Ports may declare dependencies on whichever version is required. Different ports can declare dependencies on different fooXY versions and they can all be installed simultaneously.
> So, in the qwt ports, you are mixing and matching these two styles.

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