Removing mport:// sources (Was: Re: Removing port submit)

Clemens Lang cal at
Sun Feb 24 13:04:05 PST 2013

I have removed port submit in r103400.

On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 10:37:05AM +0100, Rainer Müller wrote:
> Additionally I want to note that there are features in the current
> base that are untested by developers and most probably not used by
> anyone. This 'port submit' is one example for that, another one would
> be using a remote ports tree over HTTP/FTP and also the alternate work
> source path I proposed to be removed last year already [1].

While I actually sometimes use the alternate work source path, I stubled
on the mports:// sync method for the ports tree a couple of days ago
while looking into an SQLite-based registry, too.

NOTE: This is not the daily tarball we also offer to sync the ports
tree, but rather an implementation that will only download the remote
portindex (into a SQLite 2 database) and then fetch the Portfiles from a
tarball on a remote server as needed.

Since I'm not aware of a running instance of such a server, removing
this code should only affect third parties that are still using this
feature for their own private repositories. I doubt there are any, which
is why I'd like to propose to remove this without deprecation phase (but
I can add a message telling users that this method of syncing is no
longer supported). A simple upgrade strategy from this type of syncing
would be to set up rsync.

Clemens Lang

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