Geant4 & Gate: a new attempt & request for feedback

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Tue Jul 9 07:07:13 PDT 2013


I have created another attempt of portfiles for Geant4 and Gate, see:

I used a great deal of hardcoding different paths, running unusual
commands ... and I bet that the ports could be simplified & improved
in many ways. I'm a novice in writing Portfiles.

I wasn't able to make Gate a subport of Geant4, mainly because of
GitHub portgroup (it's not exactly clear to me what goes wrong - there
is no error reported, but something goes wrong during portindex and
geant4-gate isn't known at the end). Honestly I would prefer if Gate
was a separate port, but sharing the variables would sometimes help.

I would be grateful for any feedback & suggestions.

The ports are not finished yet, but they seem to be usable. I'm
currently going through patches mentioned on,
I'm submitting bug reports to Geant4 & communicating with the Gate
community to polish out different aspects of the program etc. Gate is
not yet fully compatible with Geant4 9.6.p02, but that issue is being
worked on. iAIDA doesn't compile at all (but it did not so long ago).


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