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Clemens Lang cal at
Tue Jul 9 07:45:28 PDT 2013


On Mon, Jul 08, 2013 at 08:22:29PM -0400, Mark Anderson wrote:
> I think that's what we're getting at. I may have been imprecise in how
> I described it. I think we should have sone method to download and
> build some of the tools we need and set them aside.

I've given that a try and while it seems Tcl is relatively easy to build
and install in a local directory, we need to modify our configure
scripts to allow setting a tclsh (current workaround: set the autoconf
cache variable for tclsh from the command line).

Also, MacPorts base is currently not compatibly with Tcl 8.6 due to the
try proc in macports1.0/macports_util.tcl; somewhere in the package
loading mechanism try is used and must behave like the default
implementation. Otherwise you will see an error importing the msgcat
package, although it is there (just mentioning that so you don't have to
debug that yourself if you happen to try building MacPorts against Tcl

Clemens Lang

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