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Clemens Lang cal at
Tue Jul 9 08:56:48 PDT 2013

On Tue, Jul 09, 2013 at 05:25:19PM +0200, Gustaf Neumann wrote:
> The command "try" is new built-in tcl 8.6.

Unfortunately the try implemented in tcl 8.6 seems to be TIP #329 [1].
At a glace, it seems MacPorts' try indeed conforms to TIP #89, but TIP
#329 no longer provides the "catch" block available in #89, which is
used widely throughout the MacPorts codebase.

I haven't yet checked whether "catch" can be easily replaced by a
different command in order to conform to TIP #329.

> Since the implementation of proc "try" in macports_util.tcl says, it
> is compatible with Tcl TIP #89, lets hope that the usage pattern in of
> "try" in macports are compatible with TIP #89, and one can use the
> built-in "try" instead of the proc - at least, when tcl8.6 is used.

Experimental testing suggests this is not the case.


Clemens Lang

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