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Gustaf Neumann neumann at
Sat Jul 13 05:25:27 PDT 2013

Am 10.07.13 00:01, schrieb Clemens Lang:
> Of course, if you want to come up with a script that will build Tcl 8.6
> somwhere in a private prefix with --enable-threads and the thread
> module, be my guest :)

Attached is a script that does the full cycle, albeit for tcl 8.5.
and tcllib 1.15;

This would give us
(a) ... little headache to start, since we know ports works
          with tcl 8.5
(b) ... a tcl8.5 for all Mac OS X versions to rely on
(c) ... the option to switch to the new "try" from tcllib
(d) ... the much nicer expand operator {*} instead
          of the ugly and dangerous evals.

The macports private version is installed under
so one can use this tclsh via preplacing
/usr/bin/tclsh in /opt/local/bin/port by

When sources are bundeled, the curl fetching
and untarring is of course not needed.

# 1) Fetch Tcl sources from sourceforge via curl
# 2) Unpack the tar file
# 3) configure, build, install Tcl as private copy of MacPorts
#    under /opt/local/share/macports
# 4) Fetch tcllib
# 5) Unpack the tar file
# 6) configure, build, install Tcllib as private copy of MacPorts
#    under /opt/local/share/macports

The next step would be is to update macports "try" version
with the new syntax (i could help with this, if there is interest)
and use "try" from tcllib,  then we would be on the
way towards tcl 8.6....

PS: the thread modules (tcllibthread) is not needed for MacPorts.

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