Macports Tcl

Gustaf Neumann neumann at
Sat Jul 13 10:11:19 PDT 2013

Am 13.07.13 15:53, schrieb Lawrence Velázquez:
> Bootstrapping from source would be weird, for one. I suppose we'd 
> bundle Tcl with the source, install using that one, install the Tcl 
> port, and reinstall off of the port? It sounds gross, but it would 
> only have to happen for the initial install.
not sure, i understand correctly. If you suggest to run port
itself on its own port, this can be dangerous:
- a user might deinstall tcl and that would kill ports alltogether
- if someone installs a broken tcl-port, everything will be broken.
- the tcl port is currently just called "tcl" (not tcl84, tcl85 or tcl86),
   so the macports team has verly little control, what version
   of tcl is being used.
- tcl has variants. The user variant which might or might
   not be the same as the one that macports has..

There are probably many more such reasons.

Having an own, separate copy for macports and nobody else
seems to me pretty robust.


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