[108385] trunk/dports/gis/gdal/Portfile

Vincent Habchi vince at macports.org
Mon Jul 22 12:31:53 PDT 2013


> The default for configure.optflags is -Os in MacPorts 2.2 and was -O2 previously.
> The default for configure.cflags, configure.cxxflags, configure.objcflags, configure.objcxxflags, configure.fflags, configure.f90flags, and configure.fcflags is ${configure.optflags}.

Ok, great then. You’re right, it makes sense to use this variable rather than to set the flags directly.

> I think that's true. I just wanted to avoid using variants for something if we already handle it at the MacPorts base level. But maybe we don't completely handle it there.

My knowledge of Macports’ guts is very basic. I regret, BTW, the lack of developer documentation summarizing the role of the various procedures in base.
Anyhow, it is difficult to handle the setting of compilers and flags in a simple way. While many packages respond correctly to ‘configure.compiler’, other fail or require specific setting of variables during the configure phase, e.g., Eigen3 needs a "-DCMake_Fortran_Compiler=…" to take a specific value into account. That precludes the use of a simple system with a few variables.

> If we have settings for overriding configure.optflags and configure.compiler, then maybe doing so should automatically disable the use of binaries.

That would make sense too.


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