Add directories to sandbox?

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Wed Jul 24 12:56:19 PDT 2013

Is there a way (planned?) for a port to be able to supply a (list of) path(s) to add to the sandbox?

for the subversion-javahlbindings port, we put a symlink into /Library/Java/Extensions

For now, I set 'portsandbox_active no' in the Portfile, but I'd really rather let it run with the sandbox enabled.

Alternatively, if I could just set it off in the post-destroot block (or just add that path for post-destroot), that would be swell.

[in this specific case, it might be reasonable to no longer install that symlink, although eclipse users seemed to want/need it - but I can see how it would be generically useful, so I thought I'd send a note to the list about it]

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