Add directories to sandbox?

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Thu Jul 25 10:46:53 PDT 2013

On Jul 25, 2013, at 12:36 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>> I've checked in a fix, but of course the bad file is there on the buildbots now.
> And on the systems of every user who has installed the port previously.
>> Can /opt/local/lib/libsvnjavahl-1.jnilib get whacked (it's a symlink) and then subversion-javahlbindings be re-run to generate an archive?
> It's your responsibility to program the port to do so in the pre-activate phase. See the lisaem port for an example of how to do this.

that makes sense, added pre-activate hack in r

It might be nice to include this in the list of PortfileRecipes (along with a note recommending a minimum length of time to keep the hack in place).

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