deactivating dep listed in both depends_{build,lib}

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Jul 25 16:56:09 PDT 2013

On 2013-7-26 01:12 , Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
> On Jul 25, 2013, at 10:40 AM, Bradley Giesbrecht <pixilla at> wrote:
>> $ port -q installed libmemcached ; port -q deps libmemcached
>> libmemcached @1.0.10_0 (active)
>> Build Dependencies:   gcc46
>> Library Dependencies: memcached, gcc46
> The build dependency is coming from the Portfile; the library dependency is coming from base.
> The Portfile is declaring the dependency incorrectly, in multiple ways: (1) the dependency on GCC should be a library dependency, and (2) it wipes out the existing build dependencies (perl5 and cyrus-sasl2).
>> I am surprised that I can deactivate gcc46 without warning or forcing. Is this intended behavior?
> Probably not. The build dependency is being declared after the library dependency; maybe it overrides it somehow?

I would guess libmemcached was installed before base was updated to 2.2,
and thus didn't have a lib dep on gcc46 recorded in the registry.

Separately but related, it might be interesting to check if it does in
fact link to libraries provided by gcc46.

- Josh

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