[MacPorts] #43156: maven-devel installation completely broken

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Wed Apr 2 02:50:57 PDT 2014

On 4/2/14, 2:50, MacPorts wrote:
>  maven seems to be using both strategies 1(b) and 2, and it should decide
>  which of these strategies it wants to follow. I think it wants to follow
>  the 2nd strategy, since the maven port is replaced by the maven1 port. So
>  shouldn't maven3 be updated to a newer version (#42737) and maven-devel
>  replaced by maven3? See also #42114.

Yes, this is the way forward in general.

The subtlety was that maven-3.1.x changed the API points it exports to
be used by other tools in a way that is incompatible with maven-3.0.x,
so previous consumers of the maven3 port were broken if I we had updated
maven3 to point to maven-3.1.x.  Enough time has passed, that most of
these consumers of maven3 (or at least the ones that I use), now work
with both the maven-3.0.x and maven-3.1.x API.

Two ways forward:

1)  maven3 goes to maven-3.1.x.  MacPorts no longer offers a maven-3.0.x

2)  A new port 'maven31' gets introduced for maven-3.1.x; We rename
'maven3' as 'maven30' which offers maven-3.0.x.  Possibly we use
'maven3' as synonym for 'maven31'.

In any event, maven-devel should be retired.

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