copying dependencies of packages from buildbots to package server

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu Apr 3 04:58:33 PDT 2014


Let's say that a package A is a dependency of B and that B is a dependency of C.

Let's assume that I commit a patch/update for B which fails to build
due to a broken port A. Then I commit a patch for A, A builds
successfully and gets pushed to the package server.

Then I commit a patch/update for C. B gets built during the process,
but it doesn't end up on It would be nice if B
was submitted to the server in such cases (but I don't know how
difficult it would be to change that or if there are cases where this
isn't desirable). One needs to force-build B again – the buildbot then
doesn't build anything, it just reports that the package exists, but
it pushes B to the package server.

Is there any reasonable and harmless way to avoid that extra step?


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