MacPorts Developer Meeting?

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Fri Apr 4 09:43:29 PDT 2014


I'm curious how many people would be willing and able to join if we
organized a 3-5 day long developer meeting somewhere "in the heart of
Europe" (somewhere close to public transportation, but outside of city
centers, somewhere in nature).

Let's assume that we could reach a price of 100 EUR (let's say 30
EUR/day) with all costs included (that is: lodging, food, conference
room rental, so you would only need to cover travel expenses in
addition to that).

This means:
- finding a time slot when most people would be able to attend
- making a reservation at some inexpensive holiday site
- make sure they have good internet connection and a room with enough
tables and chairs
- collect reservations, prepare a (flexible) program
- bring yourself and your mac to the site
(- and maybe finding a sponsor to give us access to a high speed multi
core mac during those few days to be able to compile things faster ;)

The meeting would cover:
- getting to know each other
- some talks about amazing things you did, would like to do or would
like to see done
- brainstorming, round table with discussion about new ideas and future
- hacking sessions, ticket closing marathon
- enough free time to enjoy nature: walks or maybe some field trips around

If we could get some 10-20 people to attend (and at least someone from
"portmgr"), it could be an amazing experience.

Any interest? (I'm thinking about 2015.)


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