automatic "port select" after installing the first port in the group

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon Apr 7 05:02:17 PDT 2014


for Python ports it makes sense not to install "python" to $prefix/bin
because that would shadow the python which comes with the system.

What about if we currently ship a certain port that installs the
binary to $prefix/bin and would like to allow parallel installation of
a newer (experimental) version. In order to prevent conflicts the
binaries should no longer end up in $prefix/bin. But would it be
possible/allowed to automatically run "port select <port_group_name>
<port_version>" after the first of two ports gets installed?

That way the users would still get the expected binary in $prefix/bin
when they first install the port. Those who want to play with both
versions would still be free to do so by running "port select"
manually at any time.


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