Questions re CI on Macports and KDE

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Apr 14 02:03:12 PDT 2014

On 2014-4-14 07:06 , Ian Wadham wrote:
>     - How can he get in contact with the MacPorts CI guys?

I guess if anyone is a "MacPorts CI guy" then I am. I'm no expert
though. I learned about buildbot from Bill Siegrist when he suggested I
start with it instead of writing scripts from scratch to build and
deploy binaries. So I went and read the docs, wrote a config file,
hacked on it until it worked, and Bill deployed it on a macosforge Xserve.

Most of our config is really MacPorts-specific, not Mac-specific. But
Ben can ask me about it if it will help.

- Josh

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