[118830] contrib/port_cutleaves/port_cutleaves.in

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Fri Apr 18 15:24:56 PDT 2014


> Yes, I figured that was all mixed in with the fix for #43208. Making
> port-tclsh a symlink should also happen.

OK. I've backported these to the 2.3 branch. I'd say we should make another
beta with its current state (that is, I don't have any more changes I'd like to
see in 2.3 at the moment).

> > What you currently committed to trunk will work with 2.2.x and current
> > trunk, but sourcing macports_fastload.tcl is still required with the current
> > state of 2.3.0.
> I thought the imports would work as long as you are in the correct
> tclsh? (Not that port-tclsh exists in the branch at the moment either.)

No, that wasn't the case. $macports_tcl_dir wasn't in the package search path
until you ran
  package require macports 1.0
because mportinit added $macports_tcl_dir to $auto_path. Loading macports 1.0
worked because of the symlink we put into the tcl package dir or because of
macports_fastload.tcl. But that's all history now.

Clemens Lang

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