MacPorts website and distfiles not updating, buildbots don't accept SSL certificate

Clemens Lang cal at
Sun Apr 20 01:48:22 PDT 2014


could you please look into the following issues that are still persisting with
MacPorts' infrastructure at MacOSForge when you have some time?

First, the MacPorts website isn't being updated from the SVN after a commit.
This used to happen instantly, so I assume it should be defined somewhere in
a post-commit hook. For example, I just committed [1], which should now be
visible in the source of the page served at, but it isn't.

Second, the Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks buildbots don't accept the SVN's
SSL certificate: [2,3,4]. If I remember correctly, the command to run was
 sudo -u buildbot env HOME=/buildbot/base-slave svn info
See also [5]. It also seems the SL buildbot is out of disk space (again?),
see [6].

Last but not least, new distfiles are still not being mirrored. I assume
there is a cronjob that should download them to that
no longer works.

Thanks for looking into this.

Clemens Lang

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