MacPorts website and distfiles not updating, buildbots don't accept SSL certificate

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Apr 21 02:32:43 PDT 2014

Regarding the disk space issue, we decided that 24 GB sounded about
right for software/. (Compare it to the other slaves?) So if the virtual
disk can't accommodate that, it needs to be bigger.

- Josh

On 2014-4-21 15:46 , Shreeraj Karulkar wrote:
> Clemens
> Was out on vacation and will update you on everything soon. However there maybe a few things already fixed.
> [1] I did a see a few cron failures earlier today but they seem to have fixed. Can you confirm again.
> [2,3,4] Lion seems to have an non svn error now, Mavericks is still building will keep a watch. And Mtn Lion is now okay.
> [5,6] In the last email chain I had mentioned that the ../var/macports/software directory was about 24 G when it should’ve been about 8 to 9 G. But I haven’t heard if I need to delete any files there, if so which ones?
> I’ll look into the mirroring issue tomorrow.
> If there is anything else that needs my attention please feel free to ping me.
> Shree
> On Apr 20, 2014, at 1:48 AM, Clemens Lang <cal at> wrote:
>> Hi
>> could you please look into the following issues that are still persisting with
>> MacPorts' infrastructure at MacOSForge when you have some time?
>> First, the MacPorts website isn't being updated from the SVN after a commit.
>> This used to happen instantly, so I assume it should be defined somewhere in
>> a post-commit hook. For example, I just committed [1], which should now be
>> visible in the source of the page served at, but it isn't.
>> Second, the Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks buildbots don't accept the SVN's
>> SSL certificate: [2,3,4]. If I remember correctly, the command to run was
>> sudo -u buildbot env HOME=/buildbot/base-slave svn info
>> See also [5]. It also seems the SL buildbot is out of disk space (again?),
>> see [6].
>> Last but not least, new distfiles are still not being mirrored. I assume
>> there is a cronjob that should download them to that
>> no longer works.
>> Thanks for looking into this.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]
>> [5]
>> [6]
>> -- 
>> Clemens Lang
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