MacPorts website and distfiles not updating, buildbots don't accept SSL certificate

Clemens Lang cal at
Mon Apr 21 09:19:13 PDT 2014


> On 2014-4-21 15:46 , Shreeraj Karulkar wrote:
> > [2,3,4] Lion seems to have an non svn error now, Mavericks is still
> > building will keep a watch. And Mtn Lion is now okay.
> Yeah, Lion is now failing the trace mode test.

That's actually expected at the moment. I cannot look into that because
I don't have a Lion machine and wanted to ask on the list whether
somebody can run the test and provide the output – I just wanted to make
sure it was reproducible first, which I couldn't because of the buildbot
So that's nothing to worry about at the moment.

I don't recall the thread on the disk space problems, so that probably
was on -mgr, which I don't read, but I see Joshua and Ryan already
answered those questions.

Re the website update problem, that's not fixed. If I remember correctly
that used to happened instantly, so that would mean it's a post-commit
hook, not a cronjob. I just committed
but it didn't show up in where I
expected it to be.

Clemens Lang

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