MacPorts website and distfiles not updating, buildbots don't accept SSL certificate

Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Apr 24 14:06:14 PDT 2014


> Thanks for your patience, I’ll get that squared soon.

Just as an update, it seems the distfile mirroring is working again as
of yesterday night. A few new distfiles popped up with dates similar to
  23-Apr-2014 07:38 (example is wireshark 1.10.7)
so thank you for that.

MacPorts will still not use the MacOSForge mirrors, because they don't
repsond to ICMP ping requests. See
The affected machines would be{7,8}.

The website update issue isn't fixed yet (just in case you had already
been working on that and needed a commit to test).

Thanks for fixing the distfiles problems :-)
Clemens Lang

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