Welcome Our GSoC 2014 Students

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Fri Apr 25 15:56:00 PDT 2014

Hi Kyle

> My local timezone is PST (3 hours behind EST, and 2 behind GMT).
> Thursdays, weekends, and evenings would be the best time for me.

Am I correct in assuming that daylight savings is currently in effect
in PST, which would be PDT, which is GMT-7?

That would leave us with
  GMT+5.5 for Gaurav and Shashwat
  GMT+2 for me and
  GMT-7 for Kyle
That's 12.5h difference in total – we can either schedule one single
meeting for all of us (which would mean evening in India, afternoon for
me and morning for you, Kyle) or I'll just schedule a meeting with Gaurav
and Shashwat and you can have a little primer with your mentor and/or
read the logs of what I tell Gaurav and Shashwat, up to you.

Gaurav and Shashwat: Would Monday at
  21:30 IST
  18:00 CEST
  16:00 GMT
  09:00 PDT
suit you?

Clemens Lang

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