Missing (build) dependencies as found through trace mode.

Mihai Moldovan ionic at ionic.de
Thu Jul 3 08:40:30 PDT 2014

* On 01.07.2014 02:36 pm, Clemens Lang wrote:
>> For gawk, grep and maybe rsync I'd do nothing, as awk, grep and rsync are
>> provided by OS X directly. So unless the build fails, I'd ignore them.
> I agree. The same applies to ranlib, ar, and nm. They are provided by the
> Command Line Tools. Even though MacPorts' versions of these tools are used when
> they are installed (without trace mode), we should rather stick to the system
> versions -- especially as long as we use system compilers and the rest of the
> system toolchain. Same for cctools-headers.

OK. (Unless the port actively requires cctools by passing
--with-ar=${prefix}/bin/ar to configure[1].)

>> pkg-config on the other hand is quite another issue and should to my mind be
>> added as a build dependency.
> I agree. It really depends on how apache2 uses it, though. Apparently it builds
> fine without pkg-config, but then again pkg-config is a small tool and most
> MacPorts users have it installed anyway.

Yeah, pkg-config is no bloat.

>> The other tools links, lynx, elinks fall into another category I have really
>> no idea how to handle: while they seem to certainly be optional, shouldn't we
>> make apache2 happy by providing them? Or is that useless bloating?
> I'd say that's useless bloating. Ideally, to ensure reproducible builds, apache2
> wouldn't even try using them, usually using some configuration flag like
> --disable-elinks or --without-elinks.
* On 01.07.2014 03:22 pm, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> If I had to guess, they're used by a test suite. Is there a --disable-tests?

Yes, I know. I didn't take a good look at apache2 or all the other ports yet,
I'm currently concentrating on build failures. :)
I agree that ports should disable options for highly optional features by
default and have variants around for those. Eric also suggested that.

Thanks for the input!


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