gnupg12, gnupg users, please reply.

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Sun Jul 6 20:26:47 PDT 2014

* On 07.07.2014 02:43 am, Joshua Root wrote:
> I doubt we need gnupg12 any more.

I totally agree with that.

> However I'm using gnupg because it does everything I need, and it's still maintained upstream, so why install the extra deps for gnupg2?

OK, less dependencies is a valid reason. Other than that, GPG 1.4 has less
features (most notably S/MIME support) and, to be fair, I always end up running
"gpg", even though I actually meant to use "gpg2".

However, I see that Debian is still distributing GPG 1.4 alongside GPG 2 (Gentoo
for instance doesn't.)

I guess keeping GPG 1.4 is OK, as long as it's still maintained by upstream.

It would have been one less port to care about, but I won't take away completely
good programs from users, hence this poll.


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