An update on my GSoC project, and some questions.

Kyle Sammons goodkingkyle at
Mon Jul 7 12:26:01 PDT 2014

Hey everybody,

I'm Kyle, and I'm another Google Summer of Code student. My project is 
titled 'Clean-up Stuff', and I've made some pretty good progress on it. 
As it stands now I am currently approximately 50% done with the project, 
so I figured I give everyone here a heads-up on how it's been going.

Major updates:
     - Completely implemented a new command (port reclaim) which deletes 
all distfiles (and empty directory trees) that are not needed by any 
installed ports, as well as uninstalling all inactive applications, in 
an attempt to reclaim some space. It also warns the user every two weeks 
that goes by without running 'reclaim' at least once

     - Partially implemented another new command "port doctor" which 
should act similarly to "brew doctor" in that it checks for basic issues 
in the users environment and then attempts to fix them. Currently it 
only checks for $PATH issues and issues involving the currently 
installed version of Xcode. Further more, I've added a config 
file/config-file-parser to allow the user to edit things that are unique 
to their environment, so that we don't have to support everything under 
the sun. For instance, if they use Zsh, rather than Bash, they can 
simply go into the config file and change what file to write to (i.e., 
~/.bash_profile, ~/.profile, or what-have-you), rather than us having to 
support someone having Zsh rather than Bash. I've also added a 
config-file for the Xcode versions, so that if a new Xcdoe version comes 
out, we can simply update the config file and not worry about that 
breaking the code.

Minor updates:
     - Updated a bit of code in "port clean". More to come soonish.

Known bugs/issues:
     - Currently does not reload whatever file you choose to change your 
$PATH with (i.e., using the command "source .bash_profile"), because of 
a miscommunication on my part. It should be fixed rather soon.

Alright, so there are all the major updates that you guys should know 
about. If you'd like to check out the lastest-and-greatest code, or see 
all of my commits, you're more than welcome to view them on my GitHub 
( Moving on to the questions I had:

     - What checks would you guys like to see in the new doctor command? 
Like I said, currently it only checks for a broken $PATH and the 
currently installed Xcode version, so I'm looking for more ideas on what 
to implement.

     - How's my code? Is there anything I could be doing better? 
Anything you'd like me to change? Even if it's as small as a change to a 
comment, I'd be more than happy to change that. (Note: I've also 
uploaded all my code to the SVN repo on the branch gsoc14-cleanup, if 
you'd prefer to view it there).

     - Is there anything you'd like for me to implement in the reclaim 
command that isn't there as well? The goal of the reclaim command is to 
free up some space, so if I'm missing anywhere that I can free up some 
more space for the user, I'd happily implement that for ya!

And I believe that's all my questions. If I missed anything, or I didn't 
elaborate enough on something, feel free to give me a ping!


IRC: centip3de
Email: ksammons at

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