revision bump on dependency change?

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Fri Jul 11 15:35:00 PDT 2014

* On 11.07.2014 11:55 pm, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2014-7-12 04:24 , petr at wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am not 100% sure if I need to bump revision, when removing a dependency.

Removing or adding a dependency will always require a version bump (which I have
forgotten again... updated patches incoming for some tickets...), but we do
something else:

We "change" the dependency of port x from a fixed one to a path-based one.
Let's suppose the port-based dep can be satisfied by port "a" and port "b".

Let a user have the port in question (port "x") already installed with the "old"
fixed dependency on port "a".

In that case, a the registry will have an entry for port "x" -> port "a" set.

A revbump won't change that if port "a" is still installed and lead to a useless


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