What would YOU like to see 'port doctor' do?

Kyle Sammons ksammons at macports.org
Mon Jul 21 14:33:00 PDT 2014

Hey everyone,

I've been working on a command, "port doctor" that checks for common issues
in the user's environment. I've implemented just about everything I,
Michael D, Snc, and Neverpanic can think of, so I was wondering if you guys
had anything else you'd like to see check by doctor. Currently, doctor
checks for:

- Errors in $PATH
- Incorrect Xcode version
- Curl and Rsync being installed
- MacPorts residing in the correct location (/opt/local)
- Amount of disk space remaining
- X11.app being installed on OS X 10.6
- Dylibs in /usr/local/lib
- Header files in /usr/local/include
- All archives from installed ports being on disk
- All files installed by ports being on disk
- Fink being installed
- Homebrew being installed
- Compilation error, "couldn't create cache file"
- The script /Developer/Library/uninstall-developer-folder not being run.

If you guys can think of anything else that should be implemented, I'd be
more than happy to do it!

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