MacPorts Developer Meeting?

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Tue Jul 22 23:10:03 PDT 2014

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 6:06 AM, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
> On Apr 4, 2014, at 3:22 PM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>> If you are interested in coming, maybe you can also add the continent
>> of your choice to the reply ;)
> Can't say for sure what I'll be up to in 2015, but I'd be interested. I'm currently in New York.
> vq
> (Sorry to dredge this up after so many months. I've been on hiatus and am working through my backlog.)

It's actually nice to dig it up a while. I was thinking of reposting
this anyway.

Until now up to 6 people replied that they *might* be able to show up
in Europe. If the number stays that small, we could still meet, but it
would be easier to just pick a location and go there without any big
one-year-in-advance reservations of the place.

(Doing the reservation one year in advance can make it easier to find
a nice and cheap place to sleep.)

I would really like to see at least someone from the PortMgr team or
someone from Apple/admins to participate if that was feasible. But
even without that ... it would be nice to have at least, say, 10
participants. We could organize a meeting with 6 though.


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