Database bindings

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Sun Jul 27 06:54:11 PDT 2014


My myth* ports need Perl, Python and Php bindings to the database. 
Up to now, I've used mysql5 for the database and the relevant ports 
for the bindings defaulted to the same--life was good!  But all good 
things change and we want to phase out mysql5. is a 
little less good.

The 'binding' ports are:

variants  [+]mariadb55, mysql4, mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, percona55

variants  mariadb, mysql4, [+]mysql5, mysql51, mysql55, percona

variants  mariadb, mysql4, mysql5, mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, 
[+]mysqlnd, percona

py-mysql and p-dbd-mysql default to different databases.

There are inconsistencies in the naming of the maria and percona 
variants:  mariadb55 v. mariadb and percona55 v. percona.

p5-dbd-mysql doesn't offer a mysql56 variant.

Now that we have maria10.0 and maria10.1 ports, should we not have 
matching variants -- maria, maria10.0 and maria10.1?

 From my point of view, it would be ideal if these bindings were 
subports instead of variants so that I can ensure that users get the 
right bindings.  Either that or MacPorts needs to pick one database 
and version as THE ONE.  I know this has been debated but (to my 
knowledge) not resolved.


PS I think Ruby has similar issues; maybe others.  Thank God I don't 
have any more bindings to mess with.

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