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Wed Oct 1 11:06:35 PDT 2014

On Oct 1, 2014, at 6:45 AM, Craig Treleaven <ctreleaven at> wrote:

> At 3:07 PM -0500 9/30/14, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Currently, the latest stable version of MariaDB is 10.0.
> Really?

Yes, in that MariaDB 10.0 is the latest "release" version.

> Has MariaDB 10.0 really been sufficiently exercised in the 
> OS X environment to become the default?  Currently, not a single port 
> that I've identified even offers mariadb-10.0 as a variant.  Only 4 
> ports in my list currently default to mariadb or mariadb55:
> Port                Default Variant
> akonadi             mariadb55
> amarok              mariadb55
> py24-mysql          mariadb55
> py25-mysql          mariadb55
> py26-mysql          mariadb55
> py27-mysql          mariadb55
> qore-mysql-module   mariadb

As soon as the variant naming is settled there will be mariadb-10.{0,1} variants.

>> The question is what to name the variants. This has also been 
>> brought up for discussion before. My most recent thread on the topic 
>> from 2 weeks ago got no replies on the list; perhaps I was too wordy.
>> My suggestion was that using dots in version numbers, but no 
>> underscores, would be the cleanest and most informative, which would 
>> make the complete list of proposed MySQL variant today: +mariadb5.5, 
>> +mariadb10.0, +mariadb10.1, +mysql5.1, +mysql5.5, +mysql5.6, and 
>> +percona5.6.
> Adopting this format means renaming every variant of every affected port.
> This may also break the upgrade path for existing installs, no?  We 
> really should keep legacy-named variants for a period of time along 
> with the new standard which leads to an explosion of variants for 
> some ports.

I think it is common to add something like this for a time (1 year):
if [variant_isset ${legacy-variant}] {
	default_variants-append +${replacement-variant}

> For example, apr-util currently has mariadb, mysql5, 
> mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, and percona variants related to db 
> selection.  We'd have to keep those 6 and add at least 6 more (maybe 
> 8 if maridb10.0 and mariadb10.1 are supported).

Similar to recent discussions regarding removing old versions of perl and python, we should consider removing/replacing older versions of mysql like mysql4 and mysql5 and probably mysql51.

I believe it would be an improvement if we settled on these ports for now and removed/replace all others:
mariadb-5.5 // MariaDB has long term support contract with Redhat for this 5.5
mariadb-10.0 // Newest stable release
mariadb-10.1 // Alpha release
mysql-5.6 // Generally Available (GA) Release
mysql-5.7 // Development Release

Bradley Giesbrecht (pixilla)

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