Include file clobbering / Reinplace strange behavior

Joshua Root jmr at
Sat Oct 4 07:25:59 PDT 2014

On 2014-10-4 23:13 , Vincent Habchi wrote:
> Guys,
> I’m writing an updating port for the new version of gis/gdal.
> However, the port does not compile because a .h file installed by the old version into ${prefix}/include masks a new version of the same .h bundled with the newest source.
> So question 1: is there a standard workaround to address this problem?

You can often use -isystem instead of -I.

> I know the cleanest way is to switch the -I flags order so that the local include repertory is placed before ${prefix}/include on the compiler line invocation. However, that’s a pain to implement.
> So, I decided to copy the culprit .h file, giving the copy a slightly different name, then change all #include to this new name. Finally, I use find(1) to locate every relevant file like this:
> post-extract {
>     file copy ${worksrcpath}/port/cpl_port.h ${worksrcpath}/port/Cpl_port.h
>     set files_to_patch [exec find ${worksrcpath} -type f -exec grep -l "cpl_port.h" \{\} \;]
>     foreach file ${files_to_patch} {
> 	# DEBUG
>         puts ${file}
>         reinplace "s|cpl_port.h|Cpl_port.h|" ${file}
>     }
> }
> However, the procedure fails at a certain point for an unknown reason:
> /opt/…/frmts/grib/degrib18/degrib/grib2api.c
> /opt/…/frmts/grib/degrib18/degrib/inventory.cpp
> /opt/…/frmts/grib/degrib18/degrib/memendian.h
> /opt/…/frmts/grib/degrib18/degrib/metaname.cpp
> sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence
> So it works fine (I peeked inside the printed files and the substitution has correctly been made) with ten or twenty files, then it suddenly breaks on a mundane file. 
> Question 2: Does anyone have a clue why?

That usually means that the locale is set to something using UTF-8 (the
default is en_US.UTF-8) and the file is not valid UTF-8. Try "reinplace
-locale C <pattern>".

Also note that just changing the case of the filename will not work on
case-insensitive filesystems.

- Josh

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