trac not responsive!

petr 976F at
Tue Oct 7 09:35:45 PDT 2014

Hi Shree,
the delays were quite general but timeline and ticket queries were particularly slow. It seems to be better now, so maybe it was temporal.

On 7 Oct 2014, at 18:32, Shreeraj Karulkar <skarulkar at> wrote:

> Petr
> I don’t see anything out of the ordinary on the server.  I clicked around the webpage and the response seemed to be okay as well. Can you tell me what part of the trac seems to be slow for you.
> -Shree
> On Oct 7, 2014, at 9:25 AM, petr <976F at> wrote:
>> Hi Shree,
>> I experience some problems with Trac. It probable is not completely down, but responsiveness is very poor.
>> Could you have a look at this?
>> Thanks!
>> ~petr

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