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Sat Oct 11 06:02:01 PDT 2014

On 11 Oct 2014, at 12:32, petr <976F at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I get capture errors, when trying to submit a new ticket. Any idea what could be going on?
> ~petr

Okay, I now understand what is going on here. Instead of compiling the whole ticket at once, I subsequently completed it. The ticket is the following: #45339.

The problem seems to be a too long list of ports in the port field.

This is what I tried to include:
astyle-dev bzflag CrimsonFields ditaa duke3d GetPoints gobby gource HideSysFiles hub iTunesMatchHelper libcaca libinfinity macportsscripts MyLoss objectmarker offlinefs org-mode-devel PRICE-aqua prolog-mode.el py-apsw py-blist py-clint py-crcmod py-docx py-futures py-irclib py-libgmail py-metar py-pydot py-pyttsx py-pyx py-sip py-tweepy py-url py-urlwatch py-urwid py-w3lib  qwt  rgm3800 rgm3800py rocksndiamonds rott ShiftIt sqlitedbrowser supertuxkart tex-beamerposter tex-f7u12 tex-gantt tex-songs tex-whizzytex toilet

The length is 522 characters. Might it be that the limit is something like 500 chars, or even 512?
I just tested, length is not the issue!

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