svn fetch multiple directories

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon Oct 13 23:39:41 PDT 2014

Just my to cents:

- One could fetch files from SVN, zip them, checksum the zip, store
the zip as if the zip was fetched from elsewhere and just unzip that
file during the repeated installation. Fetching from SVN doesn't mean
that we cannot use checksums and other benefits.

- It would be nice to support sparse checkouts. They shouldn't be
particularly hard to implement (but I'm not too familiar with Tcl).

Based on the following example:
    svn checkout file:///tmp/repos/test  file:///tmp/repos/quiz working-copies
the sparse checkout would be
    svn co --depth=empty file:///tmp/repos
    svn up $wd/repos/test
    svn up $wd/repos/quiz
($wd – working dir where svn checkout has been made)


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