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David Nichols davidnichols at macports.org
Thu Oct 16 03:22:08 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Currently mpfr is compiled in a non-thread-safe manner due to a bug in Xcode 4.2 (according to comments in the Portfile):

> # Due to radr://10291355 (llvm.org PR11111), the new tls support enabled in clang with Xcode 4.2
> # miscompiles mpfr. While this was fixed in Xcode 4.2.1, as the ttls support was never used prior to
> # Xcode 4.2, the generic fix is to pass --disable-thread-safe to configure.
> configure.args      --disable-thread-safe

This change was made three years ago in svn rev 90220 by cal at macports.org (on cc).  Compiling mpfr with --disable-thread-safe does in fact make the mpfr library non-thread-safe.    The qore library depends on the mpfr library in macports, and is unstable with this build (running on Mavericks - 10.9.5, building with Xcode 6.0.1).

I have to build the mpfr library with thread safety enabled to get a usable version of the qore library (where thread-safety is absolutely paramount).

I would like to remove this line in the Portfile - or at least find a better solution for Xcode 4.2.  In my opinion, the mpfr library is an important system library that should never be compiled in a non-thread-safe manner, so any bugs in Xcode that prohibit thread-safety should be considered a reason not to use that version of Xcode.

I would appreciate comments on this - not sure what to do - currently the maintainer is "nomaintainer".


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