Releasing code as portgroup instead of in base/

Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Oct 16 09:25:03 PDT 2014


----- On 14 Oct, 2014, at 16:12, Daniel J. Luke dluke at wrote:

> We do have versionability in portgroups, it just hasn't been used much so far.

Just for the record, this isn't true. The active-variants PortGroup exists in two
versions due to an API change.

On the issue at hand, my standpoint is that we should support common build systems
in base, e.g. at least autoconf and cmake. Ideally, a Portfile for an autoconf
tool would in my mind boil down to

  PortSystem 1.0
  # <download metadata, name, version, and license information>
  build.type gnu

Along with that, we should radically speed up and improve our base release process,
and improve code quality and API spec in base.

Clemens Lang

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