need a help with PortGroup compilers

Sean Farley sean at
Wed Oct 29 11:28:42 PDT 2014

Takeshi Enomoto writes:

> I am developing a port that relies on makefiles.
> I need to set fortran and c++ compilers so I use PortGroup mpi 1.0.
> ${configure.cxx} has a default value,
> but ${configure.f90} is empty.

This is a good question. And I wish I could solve this problem easier.

> As far as I read compilers-1.0.tcl ${configure.f90} should be set.

You are correct and I am also stumped.

> In wgrib2 I manually set ${configure.f90}.
> What is wrong?
> A part of a pseudo Portfile:
> PortGroup           mpi 1.0
> use_configure       no
> compilers.choose    f90 cxx
> compilers.setup     require_fortran
> build.env           F90=${configure.f90} \
>                     CXX=${configure.cxx}

The compilers should very much be set at this point but I don't know why
they are not. If anyone can shed some light on this, that'd be so

A stopgap solution for now is to set build.env in a 'pre-build {}'

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