standard way to require c++11?

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Tue Apr 14 08:11:13 PDT 2015

On 14.04.2015 04:01 PM, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> The main problem is that Apple's own C++ stuff is based on either a
> pre-C++11 libstdc++ or a C++11 libc++. You could probably build an
> official GPL3-d libstdc++ with C++11 support and it would probably even
> work (that being one of the points of C++11) but might not be able to
> distribute the resulting objects/binaries because of conflicts between
> GPL and Apple's licenses.

That's the way I tried to go down with audacious. However, obviously the
general feedback is that people prefer to use libc++ instead. I still
have to answer to the main thread and will try to catch up with replies
as soon as I have more time than just 5 minutes.


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