El Capitan Buildbot

Sean Farley sean at macports.org
Mon Aug 17 19:59:49 PDT 2015

Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> writes:

> On Aug 16, 2015, at 4:21 PM, Sean Farley wrote:
>> Ryan Schmidt writes:
>>> On Aug 16, 2015, at 14:49, Sean Farley wrote:
>>>> Since the public beta of El Capitan has been out for a while, is there
>>>> any chance we can get a buildbot set up so that we're ready for the
>>>> release?
>>> In the past, we haven't set up a build server for an OS until it public release. It's conceivable that something would change between now and final release that would necessitate rebuilding packages...
>> Well, it's a buildbot. We could just, you know, rebuild things.
> We've never had the situation arise before, so we don't have a procedure in place for accomplishing that, so I'd rather not risk getting into that situation.

So maybe we should create a procedure for that?

>> In the
>> recent past, the main delay has been allocating the resources for a new
>> buildbot, so I figured getting the ball rolling now might help getting
>> the buildbot sooner.
> This is true, and I've put in a request:
> https://trac.macports.org/ticket/48609


>> I think this would be a great time to get reports on which packages have
>> trouble building on El Capitan before the main release.
> Perhaps, but after a buildbot build server is initially set up, it takes weeks to build all ports. The resulting log would surely be gigabytes in size. I doubt anyone would be interested in downloading and analyzing that.

I definitely would.

> If you have 10.11 beta installed, I recommend you install the ports you maintain, and work on fixing any problems you encounter (both with your ports directly or with their dependencies, with proper maintainer approval, of course). If everyone does this in advance of the 10.11 release, that'll be a great help.

Sure, but as a fair warning to others, El Capitan broke things[1] so I
needed to install 10.11 on an extra computer.

[1] http://superuser.com/questions/935756/mac-os-el-capitan-10-11-not-able-to-connect-to-wifiwpa-2-enterprise

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