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Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sat Aug 29 10:45:21 PDT 2015

On 2015-8-30 03:08 , David Evans wrote:
> Thanks, Josh.  While you're thinking about licensing, what's the procedure for adding new licenses to those known by
> MacPorts and what they conflict with?

You just add them to the lists in
base/portmgr/jobs/port_binary_distributable.tcl. Adding a license to
good_licenses means binary distribution is possible in general.

You then have to indicate what it conflicts with (bidirectionally) in
the license_conflicts array. You'll notice there's almost a bipartite
graph here -- the GPL and its derivatives conflict with other licenses,
but non-GPL licenses rarely conflict with anything but the GPL & co.
This is because of the "no further restrictions" requirement in the GPL.
If the new license has any requirements that each individual GPL version
or derivative doesn't, they will conflict.

You absolutely must keep these lists sorted BTW since binary searching
is used.

> In the upcoming 3.18 GNOME release many ports are switching to CC-BY-SA and various variants for documentation and
> icons.  These are unknown to MacPorts currently but should not constitute any conflicts AFAICT (which doesn't mean much).
> Do we have a licensing guru?  Is there a standard we go by?

No and no. We rely on maintainers making a reasonable effort to read and
understand the licenses of their ports.

The good news is that license conflicts are only important where
derivative works are being created. Dependents virtually never create a
derivative work based on the documentation or icons installed by a

- Josh

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