[139862] trunk/base/portmgr/jobs/port_binary_distributable.tcl

David Evans devans at macports.org
Mon Aug 31 04:48:23 PDT 2015

On 8/31/15 3:06 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2015-8-31 19:07 , David Evans wrote:
>> Thanks for fixing this.  I misunderstood FSF's discussion related to CC-BY* and GPL and friends.
> AFAICT the situation is that CC-BY 4.0 is GPL compatible but previous
> versions are not, and all versions of CC-BY-SA are GPL incompatible, but
> there are plans to allow an addition that would make it compatible by
> way of one-way conversion to GPL. Happy to be corrected if anyone has
> additional info.
> - Josh

I think this is a reasonable interpretation but I'm not an expert on this by
any means.  This is why I think it would be nice to have
someone or a group of someones who could act as the official MacPorts licensing
expertise and take time to really understand the issues involved and implement them.
Not a trivial task but one that could bite MacPorts legally if it's not done properly.

One last question.  Assuming that they're running, when do the buildbots update
their version of port_binary_distributable.tcl?  If not often, perhaps the license
definitions and conflicts should be moved from the script to something under _resources
that would get updated with the ports themselves.


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