[130129] trunk/dports/perl

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Fri Jan 2 00:46:18 PST 2015

On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 12:35 AM, Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:
> I dusted off my Leopard VM over the past couple weeks, and I resolved all the Leopard issues that I ran into except for perl.  When I do an update, I get the following:
> Warning: No port p5.14-authen-sasl found in the index.
> Warning: No port p5.14-error found in the index.
> Warning: No port p5.14-net-smtp-ssl found in the index.
> Warning: No port p5.14-term-readkey found in the index.
> Warning: No port p5.14-libwww-perl found in the index.
> Warning: No port p5.14-svn-simple found in the index.
> Looking through commit logs, it looks like these ports should have been obsoleted rather than removed.

Yes, that was the idea.

I decided to remove the branches faster because it took time and
effort to keep removing the branches from every port manually (or it
took extra compilation time on the buildbots) and also because I
believed that p5-graveyard was basically finished and could be
committed at any time.

> It also looks like this obsolescence is intended to be handled by the new p5-graveyard port, but that hasn't yet been actually implemented yet.  Is there an ETA for completing this?

The p5-graveyard more or less worked when I removed the branches. See
also the answer by Lawrence.

> My Leopard VM specifically has +perl5_14 in variants.conf because newer versions of perl (I think it was just 5.16 and 5.18 at the time) didn't work correctly on Leopard.

If it turns out that neither Perl 5.16 nor 5.20 works on Leopard (that
is: if we know a good reason to keep perl 5.14 alive), we could
probably add 5.14 back, even if just for Leopard.

>  I have no memory of what the actual problem was, and unfortunately trac is currently down.  I'll rebuild all of my perl ports (and those using the +perl5_14 variant) with +perl5_16 to see if I can remind myself what the problem was.

One of us can send you p5-graveyard off-list if needed (I don't have
the latest version, but it should do the job). However testing the
Leopard against Perl 5.16 and 5.20 will be very valuable in any case.

(It will take a bit of time to clean up all the perl modules, but once
we do, I expect the transition to Perl 5.22 to be a very smooth and
quick one. It would be very nice to get the latest version of Perl
working on older OS-es if possible.)


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