Failed cleanup

Clemens Lang cal at
Sat Jan 10 17:18:16 PST 2015


----- On 10 Jan, 2015, at 23:45, René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at wrote:

> Those don't even post a message saying that the actual work they do happens in
> the background, only the manpage suggests to monitor the database server
> process to know when the fsck/vacuum'ing is finished. If MacPorts used a
> database requiring a server process it could well be that that final vacuum
> were done in the background too.

Still, running the vacuum in the background is not a good idea, because some
people tend to issue the next port command right after the previous one exited
(I sure do) and would probably end of mystified why the database was still locked
(and VACUUM requires an exclusive lock) while the previous port process has
already exited.

I'd argue for reducing the frequency at which VACUUM is run (for example until
a certain threshold of free pages is reached) and adding output indicating that
MacPorts is doing some cleanup work.

Clemens Lang

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