libc++, C++11, and C++14 on Leopard and Snow Leopard

Takeshi Enomoto takeshi at
Mon Jan 12 19:38:34 PST 2015


> I spent a few days over the holidays getting libc++ working on Leopard/Intel.

Good news for the users on older OS'es who wish to use modern tools.
Thank you for this great work.

> 7) Rebuild llvm-3.4 and clang-3.4 to use libc++, using clang-3.5:
>         sudo port -v install clang-3.5
>         sudo port -v uninstall llvm-3.4 clang-3.4
>         sudo port -v install clang-3.4 configure.compiler=macports-clang-3.5

I am trying to follow your instruction on Snow Leopard.
I'm at step 7, but I can't uninstall llvm-3.4 because cctools and ld64
depends on it.
I can deactivate cctools, but not ld64, on which clang-3.5 depends.

Takeshi Enomoto
takeshi at

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