Weird behaviour of trace mode on p5-file-path

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Tue Jan 13 01:01:15 PST 2015


I'm experiencing a weird behaviour.

If I run
    sudo port -v test p5.20-file-path
it succeeds, but if I try
    sudo port -v -t test p5.20-file-path
it fails (most probably due to line 24 in t/Path.t). What I don't
understand is the difference between the normal and the trace mode.

Does anyone have any ideas?

(Original ticket was

The part that is causing problems:

for my $perm (0111,0777) {
    my $path = catdir(curdir(), "mhx", "bar");
    chmod $perm, "mhx", $path;

    my $oct = sprintf('0%o', $perm);
    ok(-d "mhx", "mkdir parent dir $oct");
    ok(-d $path, "mkdir child dir $oct");

    ok(! -e "mhx", "mhx does not exist $oct");


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