depends_run vs depends_lib (was Re: cctools)

Joshua Root jmr at
Sat Jan 17 15:46:49 PST 2015

Arch checking is not done for runtime deps, and they are not installed
if you just run e.g. the configure or build target.

- Josh

On 2015-1-18 03:33 , Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:
> This should not be the main difference between depends_lib and depends_run as I see it.  The main difference between those should be architecture.
> If I depends_run on port:bzip2, I just care that the bzip2 executable be present, and I can run it.  I don't care what architectures it has.
> If I depends_lib on port:bzip2, I intend to link against libbz2 and need to make sure that the installed architectures match the build architectures.
> Thus ports only in depends_run should be in depends_skip_archcheck.  Whether that is implemented yet or not, I'm not certain, but that is the intention.
> --Jeremy
>> On Jan 17, 2015, at 06:47, Jeremy Lavergne <jeremy at> wrote:
>> Thanks for clarifying the difference, Clemens.
>>>> Looks like the bug is in portutil.tcl.  depends_run should be included
>>>> as a dependency of build.  I'll just change it to a _lib dependency.
>>> If we do that, that would remove the last difference between depends_lib
>>> and depends_run. I was under the impression that this difference was why
>>> we even had both depends_run and depends_lib. As you might know, we do not
>>> currently depend on depends_lib only containing libraries (and IMO that
>>> doesn't make sense because we could easily figure out dynamic library
>>> dependencies using a couple of lines of code automatically, and static
>>> library dependencies are usually not even listed in depends_lib, but
>>> depends_build).
>> I vaguely remember a discussion on the list about the semantics of our
>> dependencies. I'll try to get it going again.

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