jerryyhom at jerryyhom at
Sun Jan 18 03:22:51 PST 2015

On 1/18/15 1:15 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2015-1-18 18:37 , jerryyhom at wrote:
>> I am working on a portfile for libressl.  I set some options like so:
>> use_autoconf    yes
>> use_automake    yes
>> but 'port lint --nitpick' warned that port dependencies are listed
>> multiple times.
> That's a bug, the dependencies should not be added twice in that case.
> - Josh

Okay, thanks Ryan and Josh for clarifying.  I was confused by two 
separate issues which led me to a wrong conclusion.  I can use 
autoreconf though it seems like overkill in this situation.

As for the bug, I was about to ask, as an enhancement request, if the 
logic which expands use_auto{tools} could also determine a unified set 
of dependencies.  Is this reasonable?

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