automatic port clean

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jan 19 04:14:41 PST 2015


Since we're discussing the way MacPorts does its stuff internally ... :)

Is there or could we have an option to disable (or ask confirmation before) the automatic port clean when a portfile has changed?
I know there's the -o option, but the times I tried it it's often given me hard-to-describe side-effects. I may be imagining things, maybe -o simply causes the portfile checksum comparison to the value cached in the .macports state file to be skipped?

Anyway, just yesterday I was bitten by the auto-clean again, when the calligra port I'm working on between things was cleaned. And that means not just a few hours of building to get back to where I was before a simple oversight threw everything overboard. Thank goodness I've learned to move the source dir out of `port work foo` (and replace it with a symlink), so at least my local changes didn't get lost!

So yeah, I'd be very appreciative of even a simple confirmation request - portfile has changed, cleaning old crud, do you want to proceed? !


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