Forcing a recompilation of an installed port without uninstalling

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Jan 20 12:37:16 PST 2015

On Tuesday January 20 2015 15:27:56 Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

> I don't really understand where the state file comes into this. We are talking about rebuilding and reinstalling a port that is already installed.

Indeed, but in my workflow that usually means incremental rebuilds. 

% # whatever leading up to the next command :
%1 port install foo
%2 # change something, do a git pull in the source directory, whatever
%2 # edit the state file to remove/rewind the required steps, and double-check the hashtag
%3 port build foo
%3 did that succeed?
%4 (cd `port work foo`/build ; sudo wmake --MP install)
%4 does this test out OK after any number of iterations from 2 to 4
%5 rm -rf `port work foo`/destroot
%6 port destroot foo
%7 sudo port -k -f uninstall foo
%8 sudo port install foo

Of course I skip step 7 if I bumped the version or revision in the Portfile in the meantime ... 

That's probably a highly unorthodox workflow, but hey, I'm an agnost (leaning towards fundamentalist atheism these days) ;)


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