Infinality patches and pango/cairo's +quartz variant

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Jan 23 17:52:41 PST 2015


I've been trying to figure out why font rendering under X11 benefited much less from the Infinality patches on my 10.9 install than on my 10.6 install. I think I found it, in the end. Nothing to do with the OS version, of course.
When I re-activate pango at 1.36.8_0+universal+x11 instead of the current version, rendering is perfect throughout, but with the current version text rendering in widgets is ... lousy and doesn't react to the infinality tweak env. variables at all. It seems that that older pango version was built against a cairo version built without +quartz, and thus probably has only the cairo-freetype engine available.

Cairo and pango have both been changed to force +quartz. Why is that? If this is somehow required, is there a way to configure the priority pango gives to the available backends?
(If the goal was to use quartz font rendering to improve text quality under X11 ... well, I personally think freetype does even better with the Infinality patches, and the hand-tweaked font rendering config files!)


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